“Takotsubo Bases Loaded” 2016 MixTape


  • Description

3 Year Anniversary Collaboration with Artist from across the country.


  • Jay Strong From La Porte, Indiana
  • Lady Flexx From Orangeburg, South Carolina
  • Kid Kern From The Summit, Pennsylvania
  • Mr Chuy- From Los Angeles, California
  • T.U.S From Pico-Union, Los Angeles, California
  • Sammy Haze From The Summit, Pennsylvania
  • Andrew Bensley From Dallas, Texas
  • Alexanderswrld From Cleveland, Ohio
  • Tomas Drops From Cordoba, Argentina


Track 1: Takotsubo by T.U.S.
Track 2: Turn Me Up A Bit- Jay Strong
Track 3: Riding- Lady Flexx
Track 4: Right There With You- Andrew Bensley
Track 5: Outta Control- Kid Kern
Track 6: Los Callejones- Mr. Chuy
Track 7: Carnage by Sammy Haze
Track 8: I Got It- Alexanderswrld
Track 9: No Plate- Jay Strong
Track 10: I’m Not Right- Andrew Bensley
Track 11: We Ain’t Worried- Kid Kern
Track 12: Caminando Por El Barrio- Mr. Chuy
Track 13: Just Me- Jay Strong
Track 14: Millionaire- Lady Flexx
Track 15: PAtience by Kid Kern ft Andrew Bensley
Track 16: Go Ahead- Sammy Haze
Track 17: Nunca Descansare- Mr. Chuy
Track 18: 16 Shot- Jay Strong

Track 19: Reaching For The Sky- Kid Kern ft Andrew Bensley