“The Next Chapter” 2013 MixTape


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1 Year Anniversary Collaboration with Artist from across the country.


Jay Strong From La Porte, Indiana                               Lady Flexx From Orangeburg, South Carolina

Kid Kern From The Summit, Pennsylvania                 Tülips From Los Angeles, California

Reese G From Brooklyn, New York                              T.U.S From Pico-Union, Los Angeles, California


Track 1: Just to Summarize by Jay Strong
Track 2: Slow ya Role by Lady Flexx
Track 3: Peter Parker by Kid Kern
Track 4: Hotspur by Tülips
Track 5: Easy by Reese G
Track 6: Walk with US by T.U.S
Track 7: Someone Like You by Jay Strong
Track 8: Money by Lady Flexx
Track 9: All I Know by Kid Kern
Track 10: Wait by Tülips
Track 11: RNS by Reese G
Track 12: Amor Agrio by T.U.S
Track 13: Typical Jay by Jay Strong
Track 14: Life to a Dream by Lady Flexx
Track 15: End of the Day by Kid Kern
Track 16: Rain Blame by Tülips
Track 17: Honest by Reese G
Track 18: This Life, This World by T.U.S